Saturday, June 8, 2013

Earn Money using Your Website or Blogstite or Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr

Earn Money using Your Website or Blogstite or Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr URL Shortener

How does the service work? is a revolutionary new way of making money from sending people to links. If you have a popular FaceBook or Twitter profile and you discover an interesting article, simply drop the link in the URL shortener and send the shortened URL to your friends. Once people start clicking on your short URL, you start making money!

How much will I be paid for my shortened URLs?

All of the clicks you receive on your shortened URLs are paid out according to the country each visiting user comes from. United States generally pays out the most because it is the highest quality for advertisers

What is the minimum payment threshold for payment?

We pay our users as long as they have earned more than $10.00 since their last payment. If it is your first payment, you must earn $10.00 first before a payout is sent. We set these minimums because of the fees associated with sending payment.

When are payments sent?

Currently, we payout users on a month-to-month basis. We calculate earnings from the previous month (short URL earnings + referral commissions) and update your "Account Balance" (on the "Payment History" tab). On the 7th of the month, you can click the "Payment History" tab while logged in to check the status of your payment or request a payment. You must request a payment in order to be paid. It can take up to 72 hours from the time you request payment to see the money in your PayPal or Payza account.
U can Also Income via Your Web Site

Referral Program

The referral program is a great way of making extra money from simply referring other users to join our service. Referring new users to will give you 20% of the referred user's earnings for life.

R U Ready? Lets start Today 

Step 01:
Click  this Link  Click Here and Sign UP
Login  Your Account . Now u Share Your Shrink Your Link .If u want to single link [select single link] or if u want to multiple link please select multiple link 
Adfoc.ustype: or what link u wanted to shrink .
after complete shrink share your link & monitor if any visitor click your link this visitor appear a add page after 6 second click skip button then your page will be displayd.

I am working still now.If any question or any suggestion please comments or if it is helpful for you please share it your Friends circle.


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